I’ve always used Flickr as the main backup repository for my DSLR photos, but I have to admit that their desktop uploading solution was never one that I really liked…

Usually I don’t like to have to leave my workstation on just to upload photos, and I don’t like to use it while photos are being uploaded because the bandwidth usage makes Chrome extremely slow, so I decided that I needed a way to upload my photos as automatically as possible (at least the JPG versions, the RAW/NEF files are a different story…).

This seemed like a great chance to play with my Raspberry PI 3. I googled around and didn’t find anything that did what I wanted, so I did a simple Python script that is fired up by usbmount whenever a mass storage device is connected and uploads the files to Flickr.

If anyone is interested, just head to github.com/drcursor/flickrup.