Ever since I started using an electric standing desk at work, I’ve wanted to have the same solution at home.

Up until recently this goal was put aside due to the very high prices of electrical standing desks ($1200/$2000). I even thought about getting a “normal” standing desk, but in all honesty, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t use it regularly – not only it’s not the healthiest of solutions (sitting all day long is bad, but standing all day long can be even worse…), I’m quite lazy and as such would easily revert to using some other desk in the house, or even worse – work from the couch.

Last week I noticed that IKEA had an interesting new solution (Bekant) for standing desks, and one that doesn’t break the bank (~$670) – only issue – the size! Even though they have it available in different sizes and forms (including corner solutions) – they were all just too large. After doing some research (that included reading some dreadful reviews), I was able to determine that I could actually buy the electrical feet and use a smaller desk top (I wanted something shorter than 80cm, was able to get 60cm ).

This solution is not “supported” by IKEA, but required almost no adaptation – I had to drill 4 holes on the table top to screw in the legs (took me around 25 minutes to measure and drill and an extra 25 minutes to assemble the legs). Table is sturdy and stable even when at full height. Motor noise speed is exactly the same as in all other electric standing desks I tried out in the past and is not disturbing at all. Getting from sitting to standing position takes around 10 to 15 seconds (see video at the end of the post).

Given that it’s also very comfortable when sitting I’m now using this very simple but effective standing desk app.

Next steps ? Arduino the hell out of it and make it change positions via the standing desk app. I already checked and the buttons don’t work by closing a circuit, so I need to do some further research (I would welcome anyone wanting to give me some pointers here).

Quite proud of the result 🙂

Addendum #1

As so many people have asked for the parts list, here it is:

Addendum #2

More than a couple of people asked for a video of the table going up and down, so here it is: